Long Time Coming (2003)

Long Time Coming: Jonny Lang’s justificatory note
Almost five year have passed since this young man’s big strike: “Wander This World” was a huge success, receiving huge attention from critics and a Grammy Award, which was quite an achievement for a 17-year-old kid. Jonny Lang is 22 now, still young but certainly more mature and self-aware. His new release “Longtime Coming” speaks for itself: years of working on new material, trying his best to incorporate beloved Motown RB and gospel influences to a blues-rock foundation. It’s definitely not going to be easy for Lang to throw away preconceptions of time passing, but he clearly is a musician whose main goal is to constantly grow as an artist. Otherwise, he would just stick to a formula, designed on his second and third album: pretty-face young fella with imposing guitar skills, singing about teenager’s relationship.

Record opens up with an extremely dynamic piece “Give Me up Again”, where he showcases improved singing abilities, making intense shifts in a vocal presence from chorus to verse. Slight, almost unnoticeable yet beautiful guitar chops are fueling this song, giving us whole new perspective of Lang’s music. That’s no wonder, because the system of writing a Jonny Lang album changed remarkably: he now actually writes his music. All of the tracks on an album are written or co-wrote by Jonny, and that could not go unnoticeable. Now it’s clear that Lang is not a good songwriter; however his musical abilities and unquestionable guitar talent outshine some weak lyrical spots. Moreover, now Lang really sings about what moves him, staying true to himself, which is quite important to any Blue-eyed soul artist. This is main highlight of an album, a crucial component in all of the tracks.

Overall, this LP serves as a bridge in an odd and successful career of 22-year-old. It is essential to start writing by yourself just now, not relaying much on professional’s help. Songs like "Get What You Give" or "Touch" are gorgeous attempts, which will be loved by anyone who will hear it, especially on a live Lang’s concert.

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