Fight For My Soul (2013)

Seven years had passed before the sixth studio album by Jonny Lang saw the world. Fight For My Soul (2013) was released on September 2nd in UK and Europe (Mascot Label Group) and September 17th in US and Canada (Concord Music Group). But Lang wasn’t chilling all the time since his Grammy Award Winning album “Turn Around“ (2006). He’d been working on each and every detail of the CD for three years, having Producer Tommy Sims by his side. The latter is famous for co-writing Eric Clapton’s Grammy winning “Change the World”.

The first CD by Jonny Lang was released when he was 14. In 2013, being a grown up man of 32 years old, he showed us his improvement and changes in comparison to that teenage period with a total of 11 songs on the record. According to the artist, the album depicts all the experience the man gained, both in music and in life. He also said he was looking forward to travel to different places in order to pass his positive nature to other people. The Jonny Lang album is surely mature, at least in the meaning of sound. The defined structure, well-arranged heartwarming melodies, wonderful guitar sounds – all these and many more factors draw a picture of the fascinating record. If the goal was to achieve something and show the results to the world, the mission is complete. Lang was sorry for the album to have been done in such a long term, but with family that needs attention and every concert that needs rehearsals, new music had to wait until there was time to concentrate on it completely.

The CD got to Billboard charts really quickly. It settled on 50th place according to Billboard 200, got to bathe 1st on Billboard Blues Album chart and the 2nd on Billboard Christian Album chart. The disc was reported to be one of the most popular things the singer has ever created, but it is indeed a nice mix of pop, rock and blues that flows through all of Lang’s songs. The main proof of the fact is a first trifecta of the CD, “Blew Up (The House)”, “Breakin’ In”, and “We are the Same”, where means of pop music are interpreted in strong bluesy ones.

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