Album Fight For My Soul

Fight For My Soul (2013)

The first CD by Jonny Lang was released when he was 14. In 2013, being a grown up man of 32 years old, heshowed us his improvement and changes in comparison to that teenage period with a total of 11 songs on therecord...

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Album Turn Around

Turn Around (2006)

Full decade passed since an America’s greatest blues wonder child released his first record. A 15-year-oldJonny Lang couldn’t even think of the type of life he would have: instant attention from critics and media, various awards and...

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Album Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming (2003)

Almost five year have passed since this young man’s big strike: “Wander This World” was a huge success, receiving huge attention from critics and a Grammy Award, which was quite an achievement for a 17-year-old kid. Jonny Lang is 22 now, still young but certainly more mature and self-aware...

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Album Wander This World

Wander This World (1998)

With the release of 1997’s “Lie To Me” an American blues-rock prodigy Jonny Lang showed the world a reallyclear sign of talent. But it seems like it was just a rehearsal, because next year Lang threw his rod extremelyfar: 1998’s “Wander This World” not only doubled the presence...

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Album Lie To Me

Lie To Me (1997)

Back in the 90’s there were a number of successful child stars. Remember Macaulay Culkin? Now imagine this type kid’s success, but shifted towards music. Being more precise, blues-rock. This is Jonny Lang. At the age of 14 he and his band “The Big Bang”...

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Album Smokin

Smokin (1995)

Back in 1996, very young yet enormously talented blues singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonny Lang released his breakthrough “Lie To Me”, which featured some unthinkable guitar chops and vocal performances for a 15-year-old kid. But it was not Lang’s...

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