Biography Jonny Lang

The famous American blues guitarist and songwriter Jon Gordon Langseth Jr. also known as Jonny Lang was born on January 29 in 1981 in Fargo, North Dakota. From the early ages his father cultivated a love of music. Among the father`s great collection of records Jonny found the real masterpieces by Ottis Redding, Steely Dan and Motown. In 1993 he started to learn how to play guitar.
As a result of difficult and tedious work Jonhas learned how to play different songs from country blues and classic compositions to modern hits and polystylistic melodies. At the age of 13 Jon visited the Bad Medicine Blues Band`s gig where he got acquainted with the lead guitarist Ted "Lightning Boy" Larsen who gave him guitar lessons and was very fascinated by Jonny`s talent. Inspired by the most meaningful musicians Jonny has found his own style and has begun to develop in his own way.

Those year was a turning point in Jonny`s music career. He became a front man of the Bad Medicine Blues Band. Jonny played and sang so well that the band was renamed into the Kid Jonny Lang amp; The Big Bang. He couldn`t even imagine that in a couple of years Jonny Lang tour would gather thousands of fans. In 1996, the band started to work on their first album "Smokin`". In spite of better promotion the Kid Jonny Jang amp; The Big Bang had had to move in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before the day of his 16th birthday Jonny Lang introduced his first album "Lie to Me" together with AM Records. This album became multi-platinum by "Billboard" and had shot up on the top of American chart as "the young rookie of the year". In a year, on the 20th of October, 1998 was released his second album "Wander this World". For this work Jonny Lang was nominated for Grammy. Such a great success implied numerous live performances worldwide, that’s why Jonny Lang tour dates were announced by media long before the tickets were available.

During the next 10 years "Lie to Me" and "Wader the World" were travelling across the Globe and quivered the heartstrings of the listeners. Jonny toured with such inimitable musicians as B.B King, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy. Continued performances and living on the road had a bad effect on his health. Jonny tour dates were very taugh and bluesman was increasingly found drunk or being high. But he could return to a normal life through his family. After marriage in 2001 Jonny started to work on a new album. The "Long Time Coming" was appeared in 2003 and has become an eye-opener. Moreover after all these years of silence the album has reached the 17th place at Billboard. After Jonny Lang`s family settled in Los Angeles, the Christianity had a great influence on his life. Thatch’s why the last two albums "Turn Around" (2006) and "Fight for My Soul" (2013) raise questions of religion. The tour 2016 program includes songs from all-star albums. The tour scheduled is organized to visit both well-known cities as Los Angeles, New York, Twin Cities and Denver and new concert venues.