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Those year was a turning point in Jonny`s music career. He became a frontman of the Bad Medicine BluesBand. Jonny played and sang so well that the band was renaimed into the Kid Jonny Lang amp; The Big Bang. He couldn`t even imagine that in a couple...

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Turn Around (2006)

Tour Dates: Turn Around

Full decade passed since an America’s greatest blues wonder child released his first record. A 15-year-oldJonny Lang couldn’t even think of the type of life he would have: instant attention from critics and media, various awards...

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Fight For My Soul (2013)

Tour Dates: Fight For My Soul

Seven years had passed before the sixth studio album by Jonny Lang saw the world. Fight For My Soul (2013) was released on September 2nd in UK and Europe (Mascot Label Group) and September 17th in US and Canada...

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Jonny Lang is an American blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in North Dakota, Langis of Norwegian descent. He started picking up guitar lessons since the age of 12 and was soon recognized by a guitarist from a local blues band “Bad Medicine Blues Band”, eventually taking over both their lead-guitar and front man positions. At the age of 14 Lang and his band (now called “The Big Bang”) recorded their first album “Smokin”. The record didn’t enter any charts, however a label “M Records” quickly acknowledged young man’s talents and they ended up signing him. This led up to a second LP "Lie To Me", which was made in 1997 and released a day before Jonny turned 16. The record went platinum and topped Billboard’s New Artist chart. Furthermore, Lang’s next full-length attempt "Wander This World" was a tremendous hit: a 17 year-old prodigy essentially made a blues-rock classic, with gospel and soul elements, entering Billboard 200 chart and earning a Grammy nomination.

Huge success and a very dense concert schedule (sharing stages with The Rolling Stones and B.B. King) followed artist’s third LP, and next five years he spent in the studio. The outcome turned out to be even more soul-influenced, where Lang, now 22, pushed guitar arrangements from the frontline, focusing more on his vocal performances and songwriting. Trying to mix rock and gospel, singer created a unique sound, which was praised by critics and press. From a commercial point of view “Long Time Coming” ran even more successful than its predecessor and as sons as 2006 a 25-year-old produced his most prospering album yet – “Turn Around”. It received a Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Album, featuring in all target charts. Largest Jonny Lang tour dates same year as well, covering whole United States and making a large number of sold-outs (Los Angeles included). In mid-2000’s Lang’s band moves to Minneapolis, and its current line up consists of local professional musicians. From now on, Lang maintains studio silence, turning more to Christianity and finding new inspirations. He married actress Hay lie Johnson in 2001 and has four children with her.

In 2013 a 32-year-old musician breaks the stillness, releasing his first studio LP in seven years. Mostly blues-driven album picks up huge attention, incorporating some unseen pop elements too. Gorgeous melodies and great song structures display Lang’s developed song writing abilities, but comparing to a previous full-length shifts more to pop-rock material. Co-produced with Tommy Sims, it does well in charts, providing musician with a long list of concert dates. Only in 2017 a Jonny Lang tour will feature an extensive North American leg and some festival appearances too (tickets on sale now for New York, Twin Citie, Denver and other cities).